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List of services provided by Palm Hospitality

Palm Hospitality

"Behind Every Successful Hotel There Are Hands That Care"

Palm Hospitality, an affiliate of Palm Holdings Group, is an international hotel management
and consultancy company with strong international experience and expertise in virtually every aspect of the hotel business. The company has earned the respect of major hotel brands with the execution of many successful landmark projects and in the process has built a substantial resource network across the globe.

Palm Hospitality BrochureWith opportunities in the hospitality industry opening across many different market segments it is essential for owners to choose the right hotel product to fit the right location. After carefully surveying your needs Palm Hospitality will analyze a locationís business potential, source the right brand for the venture and then execute the project by ensuring efficient project management and timely project completion. Once the hotel opens then we will professionally manage the property on a day-to-day basis. Simply put, Palm Hospitality can provide you with a start to finish solution by setting up and running a successful hospitality venture. Our success in hotel management services is further demonstrated, as we are operators and builders of major brands including, Starwood, Marriott, and Hilton.

The company is actively seeking management contract opportunities with hotel owners, they believe through branding hotels with international names such as Hilton, and international management experience they will be able to show hotel owners an increased return on their investment.

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