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We have an international asset base of hotels, commercial offices, and land sites. Our expertise is in land bank consolidation Palm Venturesand obtaining planning consent for redevelopment, renovation projects, extensions and new builds in order to maximize hotel bedrooms and commercial office space square footage. Our investment criteria are rigorous and carefully planned which enables us to maximize yields and 'sweat' our assets, ultimately, allowing us to obtain exemplary returns on investment.

We are interested in joint ventures, buyouts, share purchases, and other forms of asset acquisition in the hospitality industry. We are value added partners that possess the operational capabilities to make sound recommendations during the building, branding, and operating process for our clients.

The legal entities of each of the businesses may have different ownership structures and have different boards not least because of Joint Venture agreements and funding arrangements but one or more of the Executives are normally involved in each separate legal entity whether through direct/indirect share ownership and/or board representation. The different legal entities are not in partnership with one another nor held out as such and do not have any liability (save under specific contractual arrangements) for one another's liabilities. None of these legal entities have any power, authority, or capacity to bind any other legal entity listed.